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Booty Band Bundle (6 Pack) - Tye Dye

Booty Band Bundle (6 Pack) - Tye Dye

$64.99 Regular Price
$19.50Sale Price
  • Versatile Booty Building: Our Resistance Bands Bundle features a combination of 3 short and 3 long bands, each offering light, medium, and heavy resistance levels. Customize your workouts to match your fitness level and target your glute muscles effectively. 
  • Unmatched Durability: Crafted from thick, durable fabric, our resistance bands are designed to withstand even your most intense workouts. Say goodbye to worries about rips or tears during those rigorous training sessions. 
  • Slip-Resistant Innovation: Our bands incorporate a cutting-edge non-slip design, with specially engineered materials that keep them firmly in place. Say goodbye to the annoyance of bands rolling or slipping during exercises, allowing you to concentrate on your form and results.

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